Shiraz Lane ~For Crying Out Loud

Sharaz Lane


This Finnish band model themselves after Guns & Roses, Skid Row & Aerosmith. After listening this wonderful album, I can see & hear why. Track 6 titled “Mental Slavery” sounds just like a Guns & Roses track, while tracks like “Same Ol’ Blues” & the title track “For Crying Out Loud” definately have that early bluesy Aerosmith sound. The opening song, “Wake Up”, does just that Wakes you up & kicks you in the teeth. along with lead vocalist Hannes Kett, who has a great range on the songs. There are back up vocals on certain songs as well as what appears to be a female vocal, mostly pronounced on one song. This may be just some great double tracking by Hannes, but, I can’t tell. It sounded like a different singer. Along with Mr. Kett, you have Jani Laine on lead guitars, Miki Katske on rhythm guitars, Joel Alex on bass, and, Ana Willman on drums. This album is absolutely wonderful, if you like singers that have a high pitch, but, still have a normal range as well. The music is awesome & fits the vocals really well. I love this album. 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.


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