Tremonti ~Dust


black marble texture


Fans of Creed & Alterbridge will love this album filled with alternative & Heavy Metal rock music. With Mark Tremonti fronting the band with vocals & guitars, you’ll understand why this band will succeed just like Creed & Alterbridge. Also, on bass guitar, Wolfgang Van Halen is there in place of Mark Tremonti, who played bass guitar on the 1st Tremonti release. On rhythm guitar, backing vocals & dueling lead guitar on “Once Dead”, & on drums, Garrett Whitlock, this bands works really well together & you can hear this music soar. My favorite tracks are “Never Wrong”, “Unable To See”, which starts off slow, but, just like a Creed song or a Bon Jovi song turns into a blazing anthem, similar to “Never Say GoodBye” from the latter, & the title track “Dust”. On track 3, you can really hear Wolfgang Van Halen & Garrett Whitlock merge together as 1 cohesive unit. The album does sound like a Creed album or an Alterbridge album, but, that’s not bad, is it now? This album gets 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. Get it TODAY!!


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