FROST * ~ Falling Satellites



The new album from Frost*, is another fine example of a great band consistently putting out great music. Fine organized music with great vocals and clean production set this album high in my mind. There are 2 points in the album that I don’t like. During track 3 when the song goes off kilter, which sounds like a vinyl record, or a digital file or CD skipping all over the place. This track doesn’t work for me. It does throw a progressive math rock thing into the mix, but, it does take away from the rest of the album. It does resurface again on track 9, but, not so much as it did on track 3. The rest of this album is excellent. Because of track 3 & track 9, this only get 4 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. For those of you that like the time sequences changes in the middle of your songs, you may rate this higher. Thank you Frost* for another great album.


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