Johnny Winter with Dr. John Live In Sweden 1987

johnny winter


Fans of Johnny Winter already know what a great guitar player he is, just as fans of Dr. John know how incredible he is on piano. This album will not let you down. Starting off with a great track called “Sound The Bell” with Johnny doing what Johnny does best, while John Paris on bass, & Tom Compton on drums really bring in the rhythm section like it’s on fire. Dr. John is in there too jamming away at the same time as Johnny and it sounds like they’re having a ball. This is mostly a Johnny Winter album, up until Johnny announces Dr. John on “You Lie Too Much”, with Dr. John singing lead vocals on this track. Throughout the rest of this album, Johnny Winter and Dr. John both sing. The last track being “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, which was a hit for both Johnny Winter, and Dr. John. This CD is incredible & there is not a bad track on this album. Go buy it NOW! This gets 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.

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