BATTERY ELECTRIC ~The Heart And The Thrill



image1Are you looking for plain old Rock & Roll? This is the album for you. This New Jersey band really rocks hard on this album titled “The Heart And The Thrill”. Mixed with Hard Rock, punk, pop, classic rock & garage band sound, this band really rocks on this album. It starts off with “Heathen” which is a Power Pop song. The 3 guys in the band mesh together well. We have Ron Santee on drums & lead vocals, Brent Bergholm on lead guitars & back-up vocals, and Alexander Rosen on bass & back-up vocals. This is the status of Rock & Roll. Another track is called “Key Party” which has a really nice melody flow to it with a distinct guitar driven flow behind it. A mixture of Bad Company & Southside Johnny is what this reminds me of. Follow this party, baby, it’s just starting. This gets 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.


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