DREAM THEATER ~ The Astonishing

Dream Theater ~ The Astonishing


A Dream Theater Rock Opera?? That is what this sounds like to me. As I listened I kept hearing themes over and over again, similar to the Who’s “Tommy” or “Quadrophenia” or even Styx’ “Kilroy Was Here”, although the latter never really seemed to take off. This album from Dream Theater, although quite different from what you might expect from them has the same feel as “Tommy” & “Quadrophenia” with the songs sounding similar & even some ballads, which, I really liked, even though I feel James Labrie’s vocals really soar when he does what he does on other Dream Theater albums. I like that he can slow it down a bit and just sing. The talent of the band is definitely there with keyboards & guitars swirling around you & the drums & bass come bashing down on the heavier tracks. The story is a man vs machine story set in the future.There is a love story that goes along with this, but, you listen & let me know what you think. Written by John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess, you’ll understand why you’ll like it, but, it’s definitely different for this band. I rate this album 4 out of 5 Music Guru  Stars. Perhaps more with repeated listening.


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