LED ZEPPELIN 2 Concert at the TLA


Appearing live at the TLA in Philadelphia on Saturday night was a fun experience. This night, it was a band that not only looked like LED ZEPPELIN in their early 70’s days, but, they sounded like them as well. They started off with the Immigrant Song, which seemed really hard on faux Robert Plant’s voice. Perhaps he had a cold or something, but, something was off. As they went further into the show, Robert’s voice seemed to have gotten better, using delay with his voice. Jimmy & Bonzo were right on par, as was faux John Paul Jones, who seemed to be the most talented of the 3 of them, playing bass guitar, keyboards & mandolin as well. If you’re a Zep fan, you may want to check them out. They only played songs from the first 4 albums on this tour. I’m not sure if they change sets or years on other shows. I give this show a 3.5 out of 5 stars, mostly because it was standing only & the vocals were a little off this night, but, it was a great show & the band seemed to have a fun time on the stage. The band had the manner-isms of the original Led Zeppelin as well. They played some of Zep’s greatest songs, “Stairway To Heaven”, “Moby Dick”, “Thank You”, “Over The Hills And Far Away”, “Immigrant Song” & more.


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1 Response to LED ZEPPELIN 2 Concert at the TLA

  1. Dave says:

    Robert Plant had off nights as well…The musicianship of the band behind the real or faux Robert Plant, clearly makes up for any vocal challenges.

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