SOUL ASYLUM ~ Change Of Fortune


The new Soul Asylum starts off with a sweet bang. The opening track “Supersonic”, which is the single for the album, should be a great hit for this album. I wasn’t feeling the 2nd track titled “Can’t Help It”. The music on this track was OK, just didn’t like the vocal track on this song. Track #8 titled “Dealing” should be another hit on this album. Track #9 “Don’t Bother Me” another good one, not as strong as the other 2, but, still could be a hit. The ending song, “Cool”, could be another one, but, let’s see what the rest of the world thinks. The band has gone under some changes, and a long hiatus, & they come back stronger than ever. 10 out of 12 songs make this a solid album. I would say that this album will make my top albums of 2016. Only 2 songs stop this from being an all time great album. Good Rock ‘n’ Roll mixed with pop & a whole bunch of fun. I really liked this album. This gets 4.5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. Highly recommended. The album gets released on March 18, 2016…GO GET IT!!


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