Unified Past ~ Spots


Unified Past are a power progressive rock band, and, like Rush, they are a 3 man band. They are an American band however, as they stem from New York. There is an occasional 4th player on keyboards on this album. This band are unified for sure. Each member of this band acts like one person with 8 arms, if that were possible. The band is Stephen Speelman (Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards), Victor Tassone (Drums, Percussion), Dave Mickelson (Bass Guitar) and some tracks have Karl Matzka (Keyboards).

Unified Past hails from Baldwinsville, New York and is formed by Stephen Speelman. Speelman is a classically trained musician, having attended Stony Brook University for six years where he received a masters degree in classical guitar. This album is a fluid blend of Progressive Rock mixed with Pop & Rock, but it blends so well together, you’ll just be dancing around, even if you’re sitting down. I give this 5 Music Guru Stars. Give it a listen.

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