The Raz Band

Raz Band Madison-Park-CD-Cover

Raz Band Back


This band has a classic rock feel to their music. At some points, you can hear the love for the Beatles in their music. They even wrote a song about George Harrison. One song, which doesn’t sound like a Beatles song is called “Love Me Do”. The vocals change with whichever singer is doing the job. Some are better than others. One track features a female singer named Becka Rescigno, and her vocals really bring out the band’s music. The man behind Joe Walsh’s drum kit also plays on this album & is a full band member. He is listed as Guitars & vocals on the inside cover, while on the back cover, it mentions keyboards & vocals. Joey Molland of Badfinger fame is also a member as well. The band is good, and the album is packed with power pop and, rock & roll. This gets 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. Enjoy! You can hear this & all other bands written on this review page at


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