SPOCK’S BEARD ~ The First Twenty Years


For those of you who don’t know the band Spock’s Beard, get on board & listen. I didn’t know of Spock’s Beard, until they released their album titled “V”, which I assume means 5, as this was their fifth album. I love that whole album, luckily for you, you can hear my favorite track of that album “At The End Of The Day”, which to me, is equal to Yes’ “Close To The Edge.” Actually, they sound a lot like Yes, minus the high vocals of Jon Anderson & Chris Squire. The album takes you on a journey from their first album titled “The Light” which came out in 1995, & go through in chronological order to their latest album, titled, “The Oblivion Particle”. All of the songs are great, and there’s a bonus. A new Spock’s Beard song written by Neal Morse. Neal also sings on this song as well. There is a DVD that comes with the disc, that gives you a lot of early footage of Spock’s Beard, that really lets you see just how impressive that this band is. The video is mostly shot on 8mm film, but, still does not miss a thing on quality. Special thanks to Randy George for creating & editing this video. This package gets 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.

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