Doug Walberg Band ~ Flying Under The Radar

Doug Wahlberg

From the eerie sounds coming from the keyboard in the beginning of this album, “Flying Under The Radar”, the Doug Wahlberg Band really goes in a totally different direction, bringing you a great mix of Rock/Pop with a tinge of alternative thrown in. Each song has that feeling that you’ve heard it before, even though you haven’t. This is a short 8 song disc, but, you’ll want to listen to it over & over again. It’s that good. The band centers around Doug Wahlberg, the lead vocalist & guitarist for the band, and, the bass player George P. Miller is also on every track. Drums are mostly played by Rich Genovese, Keys are mostly played by T-Bone Stone with a few other musicians filling in on certain songs. My favorite song on this album is “What If”, & the following song, titled “Waiting On The Sun” is probably my second runner up.  This album gets a 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.


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