Pete Townshend’s Classical Quadrophenia

I wasn’t sure what I was going to hear, when I listened to Pete Townshend’s Classical Quadrophenia. I read up on this from Pete Townshend, somewhere down the line. I liked it, but, for me, it lacked something. Nothing bad, but, as I kept listening & listening, I figured out what it was. It wasn’t that Roger wasn’t singing the vocals, as I knew about that already, it wasn’t the lack of guitars or bass that Pete & John Entwistle would have played, as the orchestra really did that part extremely well, except on 1 song, which was “Love Reign O’er Me”. It was the lack of Keith Moon on the drums. There was a big absence there. I kept air drumming & there was very limited orchestral drumming there. The vocals were done by an opera singer, so, that took me a while to get use to, but, he did a phenomenal job on “Doctor Jimmy”. His voice really fit that song. Pete also sings on 1 track, “The Punk Vs The Godfather”. For people that love classical music with an opera singer, you’ll love this, as, it was written as a Rock Opera, after all. For me, I’d rate it 3.5 – 4 Music Guru Stars, mostly for the lack of drums. Pete Townshend writes a great story & great music.


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