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A brand new album from Billy Sherwood, former & current musician of Yes & Circa, as well as Yoso & solo. This album fits right in with the other Billy Sherwood albums, however, this one has a lot of guest stars on it. Starting with the title track, we have the last recording of CHRIS SQUIRE with TONY KAYE (Both from Yes) on the same track. Other guests include ALAN PARSONS, STEVE MORSE (I would have loved to hear him play more on this track), PATRICK MORAZ (Yes, Moody Blues, Moraz Alban Project), JON DAVISON (also of Yes), GEOFF DOWNES (Hmmmm, also of Yes), RICK WAKEMAN (Again, from Yes & others), JORDAN RUDESS (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment), and STEVE HACKETT (Genesis, Solo) & more. Billy does most of the work himself, except of course, the guest stars. Billy does play guitars, bass, drums, keyboards as well as sing. The album was also recorded & produced by Billy Sherwood. I look forward to seeing what he will add to Yes, now that he’s taking the place of Chris Squire, which can never be replaced, but, I look forward to see what he can add to the band. I rate this album 4 out of 5 Music Guru Stars, only because I really would have liked to hear more from Steve Morse. I really liked the vocals of Alan Parsons, who, believe it or not, does not sing on his own albums. You can hear this & more at

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