ISRAEL NASH ~ Silver Season


Even though Israel Nash hasn’t been around very long (2009 -2010), he has already put out 6 albums. His newest album titled “Silver Season” is very nice. Recorded on analog tape vs digital technology, makes this album sound nice & warm, even when listening to it on a CD, which is, of course, digital tech. The album, if I didn’t know it, would seem to sound like a Neil Young album. Songs about Love (to his daughter, “Willow”), political differences (Gun Control – “Parlour Song”), & other things that may enter your mind (Strangers) & more. I like his sound. Eric Swanson on pedal steel really seems to stick out to me, in a very good way. He makes a good song turn into a great song. The rest of the band fit right in with Joey McClellan on guitars, Aaron McClellan on bass & Josh Fleischmann on drums. I look forward to hearing more from Israel Nash. This gets 4 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.


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