John Wetton ~ New York Minute

Wetton ~ New York Minute

Ok, we all know that JOHN WETTON is the voice & bass of U.K., KING CRIMSON, & ASIA, but, he is also a great solo artist, which actually got him the gig with Asia. Great singer, songwriter & musician. This album, which is a live concert album, which the proceeds went towards a cancer fund, doesn’t really show off these talents so well. This album falls a little flat for me, as I find that the tracks that were picked (all covers except 2) were not in John’s best range. John is having fun on the album, but, the only 2 tracks, besides his own, that I really liked were “New York Minute” originally done by DON HENLEY, & “Lady Madonna” originally done by the fab four. The other musicians on the set with him are the LES PAUL TRIO which has NIKKI PARROTT on the bass, RODNEY HOLMES on the piano & LOU PALLO on the guitar. This only gets 3 Music Guru Stars out of 5. If you like cover albums, you may give it a 4.

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