The Tubes & Rickity at the Sellersville Theater – Sellersville, PA.

The Tubes are one of the finest bands to see live. When they played at the Sellersville Theater, they were on fire. They played a bunch of favorites that everyone loves like “She’s A Beauty” “Mondo Bondage” “What Do You Want From Life” & of course, “White Punks On Dope” but they also played music that I’ve never heard them play before, which for me, is GREAT! I always like it when a band doesn’t always play the same songs. This was the case with this Tubes Show, plus, I was able to see it through a new set of eyes. I brought my children to the show, now there are 2 more Tubes fans in the world. Guitarist Roger Steen was really on fire this night, as was Bass player Rick Anderson, and after seeing the Tubes many times without their regular drummer, Prairie Prince was there on the drums, David Medd on the keyboards and, of course, Fee Waybill on vocals & many costume changes.

Opening up for the Tubes was a band called Rickity, when I heard them play, I kept thinking that I had heard this music before. I kept thinking & watching & yes, they were already being played on my radio station, They were a great opening band for the Tubes with music that pumped you up with great riffs & vocals, alongside the wonderful musicianship of Rickity.

The Sellersville Theater is a great place to see a show, and they even supply you with ear protection for those that are worried about loud music. This show with both the Tubes & Rickity gets 5 Music Guru Stars out of 5.


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