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Renaissance 2014    AL STEWART 2014AL STEWART 2014b

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen AL STEWART, but I’ve got to tell you, this show was great. It was just Al Stewart with his guitar, but, he played just as great even without a backup band. Al played a lot of different tracks from different periods of his musical career. He played “Soho, Needless To Say”, which I found would be very hard to sing that & play it at the same time, but, Al did it with style. He also played “Carol”, one of my favorites, “Year Of The Cat”, “Song On The Radio” “Nostradamus”, one of my favorites, & he said he didn’t play that song for about 5 years. He would joke with the audience, as well. A member of the audience called something out, & Al started playing a song about it. The show was very entertaining & very Highly Recommended by the Music Guru.

After a little pause, RENAISSANCE came on the stage. ANNIE HASLEM & company (David Keyes, Frank Pagano, Rave Teser, & a guitarist whose name I couldn’t hear, who filled in for the late, great MICHAEL DUNFORD), performed a great show as well. The really nice part about this was they played a lot of their new album, titled “SYMPHONY OF LIGHT”. From the new album they played the title track as well as “Renaissance Man”, “Porcelain”, & “Waterfall”. They also played some of their classic tracks such as “I Think Of You”. “Carpet Of The Sun”, “Prologue”, “Mother Russia” & more. Annie was chatting with the audience, in her own way, which I found very humorous. Great show by Renaissance. The Keswick, once again, coming through with flying colors, as they are one of my favorite places to see a concert at in the Philadelphia area. I give this show 5 Music Guru Stars out of 5.

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