YEStival at the Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ. Aug 3, 2013


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Let me start off with one of the best concerts, this being YEStival 2013. The first progressive Rock festival featuring one of the earliest prog bands…YES. Let’s start at the beginning on the main stage. Starting off YEStival was SCALE THE SUMMIT, at about 3:00 PM. This band was smooth. No vocals, only music, but, what a great sound they had. They were very energenic onstage, which is something that I always like to see at a concert. Playing a quick set of instrumetals, from TesseracT & Migration, their new album that came out in June, this band was great. The band consists of GuitarChris Letchford, Guitar – Travis Levrier, Bass – Mark Michell, and DrumsPat Skeffington.

Coming up next was VOLTO! This band knocked my socks off. This band was playing songs off their 1st album, which had just been released, called INCITARE. This music, again, was all instrumental, and once again, was awesome. Having the drummer from TOOL, the bassist from DON HENLEY, & ALANIS MORRISETTE, and a guitarist who up until now was not widely known (although with his guitar skills, he should’ve been), how could this band not succeed. The skills these guys have as musicians is truly masterful to watch. I’m so glad that I had the chance to see this band at the beginning of their career. This is a band to keep your eye on. The band consists of…Danny Carey (drummer), Lance Morrison (bassist),  John Ziegler (guitarist), and on keyboards, Matt Rohde. I can’t wait to hear more from VOLTO! Stay tuned for an interview with VOLTO! coming up soon, on the MUSIC GURU SHOW.

Following VOLTO! was CARL PALMER’S ELP LEGACY. If you’ve ever seen CARL PALMER perform, you know that he puts on an amazing performance. This time playing ELP songs,  & of course, doing a great CARL PALMER drum solo, at the end of FANFARE FOR THE COMMON MAN, that really entertains you. Carl will amaze you with a guitarist, bassist & Carl on drums. No keys with this band, but, you know what?  You don’t need it with this group. Any time you can see CARL PALMER play is well worth it. Not only that, but, he respects his fans. He will meet you after the show for autographs & talk with you.

Next on the bill was RENAISSANCE. What doI really need to say about ANNIE HASLEM & RENAISSANCE? They are wonderful. The band performs very well together, even with the passing of MIKE DUNFORD, who was with the band since 1970, one year prior to ANNIE HASLEM joinng RENAISSANCE. They found a replacement with a guitarist from the Philadelphia area named Ryche Chlanda. ANNIE hit higher notes than I ever thought possible. I’ve seen RENAISSANCE before, but, I’ve never heard ANNIE like this before. AMAZING! The members of RENAISSANCE are…Annie Haslam – Lead Vocalist, Rave Tesar – Keyboards, David J. Keyes – Bass & vocals, Jason Hart – Keyboards & vocals, Ryche Chlanda– Guitar & vocals, & Frank Pagano – Drums, percussion & vocals.

If you like GENESIS, then you’ll love THE MUSICAL BOX. What they do, is recreate the Genesis legacy by performing as GENESIS did at the time of the particular performance. In this case, it was the “Foxtrot” tour, that they covered. Some of the players look just like the group. I saw them twice before, and you could actually think that you’re watching GENESIS from whatever time period that they cover. Complete with what looks like PETER GABRIEL’S costumes, this band rocked.

As YES finally took stage at about 9:15 PM, they were set to play the YES ALBUM & CLOSE TO THE EDGE. They started off with close to the edge. The epic track that was over 20 minutes long. They played the whole album in it’s entirety. I’ve seen YES very many times since 1972, which was my first YES show, and they don’t let me down. After CLOSE TO THE EDGE, they decided, at the last minute, to include the album, GOING FOR THE ONE, to the set. There was rumor that this would happen, as somebody tweeted it. Starting off with the title track, they played through the entire album, all the way to AWAKEN. Finally, the 3rd album, both, in this set, & numerically in their catalog, THE YES ALBUM was played in it’s entirety, From YOURS IS NO DISGRACE to PERPETUAL CHANGE. The band then left the stage, then came back for an encore. The encore was ROUNDABOUT. YES does have to play that, after all. Yes has gone through many changes through the years. This version was phenominal. This version of YES are…Chris Squire (Bass & Vocals), Steve Howe (Guitars & other string instruments & Vocals), Alan White (Drums), Geoff Downes (Keyboards) & Jon Davison (Vocals). The YES ALBUM was my 1st album so I really loved this show. When I saw them in 1972, they played alot of the YES ALBUM, as well as FRAGILE, they even played CLOSE TO THE EDGE, but, the album wasn’t out yet. They had THE EAGLES open up for them, & JOJO GUNNE opened up for THE EAGLES. It was supposed to be EDGAR WINTER, but, they couldn’t be there. This show brought back alot of memories for me. Thank you YES, for giving me more than 40 years of great music. This show is rated 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. Listen to all of these bands at More pictures comig soon.

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